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Start Em Or Sit Em?

Posted on: November 12, 2010 11:38 pm
I think it is time that these NFL coaches make a decision on who their starting quarterback is. I mean... it's week 10 and we have the Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan pulls his starting QB Donovan McNabb. With 2 minutes to go and the game is on the line, he decides to pull McNabb for Rex Grossman? Then says he pulled one of the best QB's in the NFL because of his cardio vascular condition and he couldn't handle it. Come on man, that was just a terrible excuse. There is something more to that. Then the Skins go and hold workouts for JaMarcus Russell and J.P. Losman? Why did the Skins get an elite starting QB if you are not going to let him work the 2 minute drill, comeback and possibly win you a game?  Next, you have the Titans who also don't know who they want running their offense. PICK ONE! Vince Young gives them a better chance to win. He might not be the greatest passer but, he gives you another dimension with the ability of his legs. The others are Arizona, Carolina, and San Francisco. Arizona just needs to go QB shopping. Derek Anderson and &*%*^^ Hall are not going to cut it! Carolina is 1-7... just start Clausen! What do you have to lose at this point? If you want to get him going early in his career, now is the time. Mike Singletary's 49ers spells CHAOS! He really has no idea how to run a team yet. Maybe someday, but not today! Start Em Or Sit Em.... figure it out!
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